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Patient Reviews

  • Thank you for your caring help! I’m hoping to get back to my cartwheels.

    -Lori A.
  • Appreciated that our first visit was very informative & she did a treatment that immediately started the healing process!

    -Melody A.
  • I very much appreciated your help. I am so sorry at this time that you are out of network. My experience was very much above average. When I change my insurance, you will be my first choice for care.

    -Ruth J.
  • It was a wonderful visit.

    -Mary F.
  • 100% great experience. Very impressed with everything. Can’t wait to go through the process.

    -Kristin S.
  • Entire staff very friendly and knowledgeable. It was a great experience.

    -Jason S.
  • Thanks for taking the time to evaluate and listen. Your practice is homey and hospitable. The adjustment was gentle and effective.

    -Sandy J.

I was referred to Dr. Sabra by another patient and a personal friend who praised her service. My first visit was nothing short of excellent. I’m looking forward to subsequent visits and moving forward to having better health. Thank you Dr. Sabra!

~Bill F.

I appreciate the time she spent with me. Very concerned about what treatment she was going to do. I definitely have found my new doctor. Thank you so much.

~Debra W.

Dr. Sabra was very friendly and so was her staff. They made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. I highly recommend Dr. Sabra and her staff to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

~Josh F.

Dr Morrow-Rhodes is a very caring person who took the time to listen to me and to provide the best solution to my problems. Plus, she and the staff are genuinely nice people. I highly recommend her.

~David A.

Dr. Sabra was very thorough and kind. I have never had a chiropractor ask if the pressure was too much for me so I was very impressed that she did! Before she would perform an adjustment she would move my body and ask if it was ok or too much and then she would adjust. She was amazing! The staff was super nice and helpful too! I don’t know if I could ever go to another chiropractor again, I feel so spoiled!

~Penny R.

My first experience to a chiropractor and it was amazing!! I’m 31 weeks pregnant and she helped so much. I like that she explained in detail what she was doing and why she was doing it.

~Jamie L.

Very satisfied with my treatment from Dr. Sabra and her staff! She is very detail oriented in her explanation of what needs to be done and what she is doing. Would definitely recommend her to anyone I know.

~Daniel F.

The treatment I received was nothing short of a miracle! I had been in so much pain prior to the visit and the first visit, as well as the following ones, was amazing! My pain was 98% GONE!

~Susie B.

Dr. Sabra is very patient with explaining care and the reasoning behind treatment plan. The office was very peaceful and cozy, and a great deal of care was taken to make sure I was comfortable.

~Karina B.