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About Us

It’s incredible to be able to be hands-on with patients, gaining their trust as we team together for better health.” Dr. Sabra Morrow-Rhodes

Since 1987, Dr. Sabra Morrow-Rhodes has been practicing in Coweta with an ever-growing belief in the power of chiropractic care. This type of natural health care is part of helping your nervous system function optimally. Chiropractic care adds a necessity to health and wellness, much like brushing your teeth or exercising regularly.

In our quaint town of Coweta, we’ve helped patients of all ages. After many years of practice, Dr. Sabra is honored to have three generations of families visiting for care.

Values That Make a Difference

Dr. Sabra offers a very calm, comfortable healing experience. For those who visit, we do all that we can to help you heal. Our biggest compliment is that most people visit us based on referrals from friends or family. So what makes Dr. Sabra different?

  • We truly value your time, believing your time is just as important as everyone else’s.
  • We’ll keep waiting to a minimum and ensure your visits are productive.
  • We’ll ask questions to understand fully your health and lifestyle so we can offer you the best care.
  • We help provide trusted information on breastfeeding, teething and options for both baby and mother to make things easier for growing families.

When you visit, we’ll provide you with exercises and stretches that can enhance your healing, and relevant information to help you and your family achieve wellness. We’re here to help you understand how your body works so you can attain optimal health and simply put, be more whole.

Your Health, Your Goals

While some patients are looking to get off their blood pressure medication, some want to feel better and move better, and others just want to improve their overall health. Many expectant parents choose chiropractic pregnancy care to enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy, less traumatic labor and delivery and give their unborn child every advantage for health from birth and beyond.

Dr. Sabra is a true health partner who offers relief care so you can discover thorough healing naturally. So you can maintain your health and live your best life, she also offers her patients wellness care.

We’ll meet you where you are, whether you’re looking for relief or working to enhance your wellness and stay active. We’ll take your needs and shape your care around your health goals.

Contact us today and let Dr. Sabra show you how chiropractic care can change your life.

About Sabra Morrow-Rhodes, D.C. | (918) 486-3575